Feeling Like Family


Yui, one of our employees at The Brick Oven, just built a new house in her home village right outside of Phayao. This weekend she had a new house ceremony, which is a very common Thai tradition. The ceremony typically consists of monks saying blessings over the new home and family. Relatives and neighbors will bring a housewarming gift, and the hosts will provide a meal.

Ryan, Chris and I, along with Chris’ mom and Larry Henderson who were both here visiting, went to the ceremony on Saturday. However, since our restaurant was open, the other employees were unable to attend. Therefore, Yui invited them and the rest of our families for a special meal at her house on Monday. It was a fun time and a great manifestation of Thai culture and hospitality. We all sat on mats on the floor and enjoyed some “real” northern Thai food. Yui’s neighbors and relatives were around and enjoyed passing around Dax and Knox. Some of us took a short hike to the nearby rice fields while everyone else sat around talking after lunch. While the scenery and food were amazing, our time at Yui’s was especially blessed because it felt like a family gathering during the holidays. We have grown so close to our employees and are grateful that they have welcomed us into their lives. It is such a joy watching them love on our children as if they were nieces and nephews. Monday was a good day to be in northern Thailand.

Here is a short video and two pictures to give you a glimpse of our afternoon. Hopefully these will help you see more clearly what our lives are like in northern Thailand.



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  1. We watched the video with the girls tonight during dinner. Lella said, “There’s Brynnie. She’s my best. There’s Meggles. She’s my best too. That Meggles is pretty funny, huh?” And Simone said, “I love them.” And I want Dax to come cuddle with me immediately.


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