Why Life Here is Good–Part 2


“Daddy, I want to go pick up trash with you. Can I?”

At least I’m fairly certain that is what Brynn said. After all, it was early on a Saturday morning, and I was still trying to figure out if my dream about forgetting to go to a class for the entire semester was true or not. Yep, sure enough, that is exactly what she was asking me. It took me a second to be sure that I was not having another dream. I mean, what 5 year-old begins her Saturday morning by waking up her dad because she is eager to spend the morning rummaging through other people’s garbage? Someone turn on Saturday morning cartoons, please.

That was not the first time Brynn has talked about picking up trash. She is always asking about what we are doing during “trash duty” and why people don’t care for creation when they litter. She notices trash on the side of the road more than I do. She has been intrigued by this practice for quite some time, so I was eager to take her along. She has since picked up trash with us three times. I love looking over and seeing her fill up garbage bags, huge gloves and all, because she wants to take care of God’s creation.

Without a doubt, one of the greatest blessings of living here is the unique opportunity our kids have to join in our ministry efforts. While I really enjoy kicking the soccer ball around with the girls or teaching them to swim, my heart is full when my kids are with me as we serve our neighbors. I remember a while back, when our team went out to a village to help fix up a house for a girl in a tough spot, how excited Brynn was to help. She was the first one with a broom in her hand. She was on a mission to get that house spotless.

The exciting part about my kids joining me in serving others is that I get to tell them the good news of Jesus Christ. While reading Bible stories and saying prayers are special times for us, there is something extraordinary about your children serving alongside you and asking, “Daddy, why are we picking old diapers on the side of the road?”

“Because this is what loving God and loving your neighbor looks like.”

I love my job.



  1. I love everything about your job and your special servant hearts.
    I am blessed by you and your love for God.

  2. Love this. So well written. Thanks for sharing!


  3. Got caught up on the last several posts. All of them are so good, thought provoking, convicting, challenging and encouraging. Thanks for sharing Derran. Love it! And the graduation video is just about the sweetest thing ever!! So proud of you guys and how you are living and working to bring the love of Jesus to your family, friends and those who have never heard the name of Jesus. Love you!

  4. Thanks Brynn, for caring about God’s people. Thanks for showing Jesus to the Thai people. Mimi and Pawpaw love you very much.

  5. Brynn you are so sweet!! You are all so very special and I am so very proud of all of you for the work you are doing. I love you !!

  6. Aw, Carol, I’m so sorry about your grandfather – resdlaregs of age, it’s such a tough thing to go through. Thinking of you, sweet friend. Your pictures are gorgeous and I hope that the memories of all the positive times and experiences can help a little bit with your loss! And yum to ending 2012 with Puerto Rican food. Sounds perfect! xox, thinking of you!

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