Why Life Here is Good


Phayao people are extremely hospitable and love to share a meal together. We have seen this throughout our time here, but we experienced a great example of this recently.

The other day we made plans for Pet and Nid, our good friends who sell the best grilled chicken and sticky rice in town, to come over for dinner. We knew it was Pet’s birthday, so Ann offered for us to grill out at our house. As the day got closer, we invited our close friends Nong and Lek and their two boys to join us as well. We bought a cake for the event, and I prepared some kabobs to grill out. We then invited Ryan and Ning to join us, and Ryan decided to grill some bacon wrapped shrimp (they were unbelievable!). We figured it would just be a relaxed evening with a small group of friends.

That evening, as we prepared the food, Nong and Lek’s family came first, soon followed by our friend P’Nuu and her son. A few minutes later Pet and Nid came with their two daughters, Nid’s mom, and their niece. The Binkleys showed up, and our house was filling up. We prepared the food and laid it out on mats on our living room floor. As we began to eat, our landlady stopped by for a quick visit and ended up staying for an hour. And, finally, our neighbor Fai came over because she wanted to hold Dax. She had no idea that we had a full house but, without any hesitation, joined in the party. Our small living room was brimming with people, good food, and fun conversation. The kids played while the adults ate slowly and enjoyed being together, even though some did not know each other beforehand. I love how a small gathering can explode and turn into a great evening of fun and fellowship for friends and strangers alike. There really is something beautiful about how a meal can be a place for open invitation and deepening of relationships. And the ease in which this can happen in Thailand is truly a gift.



  1. The Land of Smiles….and the Father continues to look down with satisfaction.

  2. I am sitting in the middle you just can’t see me. What a wonderful

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