A Wonderful Grandmother


My grandmother (MeMom) passed away a few days ago, and the funeral is today. She was an amazing woman, and it is extremely difficult being on the other side of the world today. Since I can’t be there in person, I sent a short video sharing my feelings about MeMom to be played at the funeral. Here is approximately what I said. (I am posting this because I want to honor her by telling of her influence on my life.)

I am honored to be able to say a word today about my grandmother, MeMom.

I must begin by saying how much I long to be there with you, friends and family, and especially with you, DadDad, as we mourn the loss our precious MeMom and celebrate the life behind her and the resurrection life ahead of her. It is a day like today that causes me to lament that fact that I am so far away. I question why I would choose to be on the opposite side of the world and have to miss this opportunity to honor and remember my MeMom. And yet, ironically, it is because of her (and DadDad) that it is this way. Because her faith and faithfulness that I witnessed and experienced throughout the years has shaped me and called me to a life of faith and faithfulness as well.

You see, MeMom was a lot of things, but, through the eyes of this grandson, when I see her, I see faithfulness. When I would come to church here growing up, and she was sitting in that same pew next to DadDad, week-in and week-out, I see faithfulness. When she would spend hours sorting clothes at the Christian Service Center, I see faithfulness. When she had Gatorade constantly stocked in her refrigerator for sweaty boys playing basketball, I see faithfulness. When she would spend entire days going from one grandkid’s game to another’s recital to another’s meet to another’s play to another’s match, I see faithfulness. When she would make the frequent drive to Sweetwater to diligently, compassionately, lovingly care for Mama (her mother), I see faithfulness. When she spends 7 decades serving, supporting, enjoying, loving DadDad, I see faithfulness. And I am not the same.

So, today I honor her, and her faithfulness, with words. But, tomorrow, and the next, and the next, I hope to honor her by striving to imitate the faithfulness that she demonstrated to me and to so many of you.

To her church, I pray you will recognize and build upon her legacy of faithfulness that has so greatly shaped this community.

To our family, I pray for peace as we long for her home cooked meals on Hillview and grieve the loss our loved one. And for joy as we share memories of past times together and anticipate reunion on that glorious day to come.

And to DadDad, I love you.



  1. I am so sorry for the loss of your grandmother, you are all in my thoughts and prayers. It certainly sounds like she was an amazing woman which explains her amazing grandson, I am sure she is very proud of you and Ann as am I. You truly are an inspiration honey and your heartfelt posts never fail to go straight to my heart (or make me cry) !! Sending my love and strength to all of you at this difficult time. Nancy xoxo

  2. Your words about Memom are lovely and so fitting. Your video was perfect. We missed you at the funeral, and can’t wait to see you in a few weeks! Your life and ministry are certainly a testimony to the service, faith, and love that Memom and DadDad passed down. We love you guys!!

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