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Catching Up With Brynn and Meg


It’s been awhile since I have updated about what all the girls are up to these days. Here are some pictures and descriptions to help you get a glimpse of how much they’ve grown.

Brynn and I have been having so much fun with homeschool since we started at the end of May. She is on the Thai school calendar, and the year starts in mid-May and ends mid-March. She goes to Thai Kindergarten every morning from 8:30-12:00, and then I pick the girls up and bring them home for lunch, nap for Meg, and Kindergarten homeschool for Brynn. I was nervous about starting homeschooling, but God has been so faithful in blessing our time together each day. Brynn LOVES school—any school! Whether it is Bible class, Thai school, homeschool, you name it, if it is a class, she loves it! This is a tremendous blessing for a homeschool mom when your one student is so excited to be there, excited to learn, and loves the whole process! It reminds me of all my students when I taught middle school. 🙂 She can read and write in Thai and now is beginning to read and write in English. It amazes me to watch her as she soaks it all in.

A typical school day

My favorite line she says to her pregnant and often tired mother, “Mommy if you are too tired to do homeschool today, that is ok, but if you have energy, I can do it and that is ok too!” Sweet girl is always so aware and loving. I also heard her tell her baby doll the other day, “Today we are going to do homeschool a little bit different. Mommy is going to take a nap and then we’ll do school.” So, yet another beauty of homeschool–the flexibility! However, as many of you know, I am a structure-loving person so we don’t stray off the daily schedule very often. However, I’m also a pregnant, nap-loving person, so there are those days! I am very thankful for this opportunity that I probably would’ve chosen to pass up if I was not living here. Our time together in school has been bonding and given us another point of mother-daughter connection that is blessing both of us.

Brynn’s favorite things to do these days are riding her Hello Kitty bike, playing Mommy/baby with her baby dolls, playing with her sister, having homeschool, swimming, and being with friends.  Her energy and zest for life bring us great joy!

First day of school this year

Meg is 3 ½ now and started going to Thai Pre-K in May. She looks so precious in her uniform—all three of them. Cutest Pre-K girl around, I must say! And if we thought Brynn’s curls stood out in the crowd at school, Meg’s blonde hair takes it to a new level! She comes home from school every now and then with her hair re-done and looking so cute. The teachers love to play with her hair when she lets them. She is learning the 44 consonants of the Thai alphabet and the 26 letters of English, so she also is a little sponge these days. She is so proud of herself when she shows us what she is learning. She has homework like her big sister and that makes her feel pretty grown up, too. The teacher at school the other day made my heart swell with pride and love as she told me how she is so impressed with the way Brynn and Meg care for and look after each other at school. She said they are always so sweet to each other and asked what I did at home to teach them that. I had to smile and thank the Lord for the beautiful relationship they have as “Team Sisters”! I pray He will bless their relationship all of their lives as sisters; it is so fun to watch.

Friday is traditional Thai uniform day

Meg goes to school half-days as well and is in the classroom right across from Brynn’s. I wasn’t sure how Meg would do at first, she’s been my little sidekick for so long now. But she has embraced school and loves every minute of it, which gives me peace that it was time for her to start. She has changed so much over the last few months, and it is hard to believe she is older now than Brynn was when we moved here! Meg has a passion for life and a strong spirit. She has very definite opinions and ways she wants things done. Her teacher at school said, “I don’t think you need to worry much about this one, she’s got some fire in her!” Oh my Meg, your strength and laughter bring blessings to our home.

Meg loves to show-off her muscles

Meg’s favorite things to do these days are also riding her bike, swinging, playing Mommy/baby with her baby dolls, swimming, and playing with her sister.  She kisses my belly every morning before school, every day before her nap, and every night before bed and says, “I love you, Brother!” It melts my heart every time; she is so sweet.

Ready for P.E. day

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