Can’t Believe She’s 5!


We are a few weeks behind on this one, but we still wanted to show some pictures from Brynn’s 5th birthday. She actually had a couple of birthday parties!  She really wanted to have a “Tea Party Birthday” this year and had been talking about it for months. It worked out perfectly that Eva and Ella would be here, so we planned a tea party for the cousins. Tonya and Haley were the “Tea Party Fairies” and so sweetly volunteered to decorate for the party at our favorite coffee shop. When we showed up everything was pink and beautiful. It was a real treat!  Brynn and her guests dressed up for the occasion and loved having their own special party. The girls had a great time drinking “tea,” eating fruit, and making jewelry.


This video doesn’t exist

Later that afternoon we had a party at our house with all of her friends.  Most of her friends here are boys, so no dressing up or anything–more like pink cupcakes and decorations with lots of running around and playing tag in the rain.  It was a fun time hanging out with friends and neighbors.

It was a great couple of days celebrating with Brynn; she loved every minute of it!  It is hard to believe she is five and in kindergarten. She has a million questions every day, makes us laugh with great stories, never stops moving or dancing, loves homeschool and Thai school, loves to be read to, builds pillow forts, plays with dolls, sings, and is full of energy! Brynn, with her beautiful curly hair and bright blue eyes, continues to bring such life and joy into our home. It has been a wonderful 5 years with this girl!



  1. Brynn is growing up so fast! Give her a big hug from Uncle Ryry, Aunt Lisa, and Cousin Carisyn. I remember seeing her in the hospital for the first time. Hard to believe that has been 5 years. I remember asking Art for his blessing to ask Lisa to marry me while y’all were at the hospital. 5 years sure has brought a lot of wonderful change! Take care and God bless the Reese household!

  2. We love you Brynnie! Your tea party looked like so much fun! I loved all the pink. You are such a beautiful and precious little lady, and we love and miss you!

  3. How fun !! What a beautiful birthday party for that beautiful Brynn !! How fast these girls are growing up it doesn’t seem possible. Love the pictures and sending my love to all of you. xoxoxoxo

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