We’re Having A . . .


For those who didn’t catch Ann’s facebook update, Reese baby #3 is a boy. We are obviously excited to know and look forward to adding some blue to this house full of pink.

The day we found out was especially fun because we got to share the moment with a group of our friends. We decided to have a gender-reveal party and invited our team members and our friends Nong and Lek, along with their two boys. Rick, Amy, Eva, and Ella were visiting at that time, which made it even more special. Ann, Amy and I went to the doctor’s appointment while everyone else set up for the party. They put blue and pink decorations up and made cupcakes of both colors. Chris cooked a brisket in the brick oven while others prepared salads, mashed potatoes and other sides. (It was seriously the best meal I’ve had since being in Phayao.) Everyone who came also had to wear a blue or pink shirt to indicate which gender they thought the baby was. It was overwhelmingly dominated by blue shirts. Amy had also wrapped two presents, a pink onesie and a blue one.

At the hospital, Ann and Amy closed their eyes during the critical moment of the ultrasound. The doctor showed me the “information” I needed to know and then finished the ultrasound without letting Ann or Amy know the gender. Once back at our house, I tried to hold on to the power as long as possible, but Ann was dying to know. So, I picked out the present with the correct color and then let the fun begin. You can watch Ann’s reaction below.

This video doesn’t exist

It was a great night of fun and celebration. Now we just need to pick a name. Any suggestions?



  1. First of all…Ryan’s hat is amazing! Second of all…I think Octavious or something equally as dramatic would be a cool name… You could always go with Ryan which means Little King or even Tony because well that’s just the name of someone who may or may not be good looking =P Seriously, we love you guys and are super duper excited about the new addition! ❤

  2. That was great……..Thank you for sharing that
    most exciting time. Now it is trucks, balls and
    tree climbing! What a great Mom and Dad he will have!
    his grammie

  3. so exciting! here are some name suggestions:


    doesn’t pornpen reese have a lovely ring to it? i’m SO excited for you guys.

  4. That was the best! Thanks for sharing the video – makes me really miss you guys! Congratulations – little girls love their little brothers. Sara Whitelaw

  5. That’s awesome! What a great way to find out. Love that Amy was there to share it too.
    Miss you guys.

  6. Congratulations! Thanks for sharing the video, and what a cool idea to have Ann not know until the party!

    Blessings to you all!

  7. Oh my goodness! Yay for boys!!! The video was awesome! Love you guys so much.

  8. I LOVE this!! So excited for you guys!!! And I love the Pornpen Reese name suggestion. So appropriate for his birthplace, don’t ya think? 🙂 Love you guys!

    • Oops – should have signed that Rebecca D!

  9. That was an awesome moment! Great job, Derran! I see one spoiled little man arriving on the scene soon! Congrats!
    Shanta and Ken

  10. I LOVE watching the video, I have watched it over and over and I am so very happy for you !! What an awesome way to find out !! Derran you did great !! Brynn and Meg are so precious and getting so big, they will be great big sisters for their new baby brother !! I love you all very much !!


  11. I totally cried watching you guys!! I”m so excited for you both and know the girls are going to be such great big sisters. Can’t wait to see you guys again and meet little Dax. Love the name and love you guys too.

    • Sorry that was me, Calista.

  12. I finally watched the video after hearing all about that night from Amy. It brought tears to my eyes….happy ones! I was so impressed Ann was able to wait…I don’t think I would have been able to stand it. We are SO excited for ya’ll and know you will love adding a boy to the mix. We cannot wait to meet baby Dax! We love you so much – all 5 of you!
    love, Jamie

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