Brynn’s First Ballet Recital



We had the joy of watching Brynn’s first ballet recital a couple of nights ago. She did such a great job. We were especially proud because she was the youngest in her group. She loved dressing up and all the attention that came with it. She enjoyed the dance so much, a few minutes afterward she asked if she could do it again. She could have stayed on the stage on night long. (She’s like her dad in that way.) She even loved it so much that she gave a solo, encore performance for everyone at church on Sunday. She was a hit once more. We love watching her grow up and experience new things. Enjoy the show!

Brynn and her ballet teacher Lily

This video doesn’t exist


  1. Good job Brynn!

  2. awww, i could not stop smiling the entire show. she is precious!

  3. Oh how I wish I could have been there!! So adorable
    Love you Brynn,

  4. What a beautiful ballerina! Soooo sweet!! Awesome job Brynn! xoxo

  5. Looove it! Brynn looks beautiful and did such a great job! We’re so proud of her. Makes me miss her even more. 🙂 Love you guys!!

  6. (She’s like her dad in that way.) HAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Love her and love the ballet recital!


    • I had to laugh at that line, too, Ann. The video was precious. Love you all and miss you terribly. M & J sent along your message over the weekend. I know they enjoyed the Skype conversation. We need to schedule one soon. You remain in our thoughts and prayers.

  7. Great Job, Brynn! We love you! Dee and CC

  8. I have always seen the resemblance between Brynn and her father, but the way they look alike in a pink ballerina costume is identical! Brynn does a much better job at choreography, though! Tell her we are so proud…

  9. Entenschnabeldino
    Du lernst spanisch und Ritsch

  10. Thanks for finally writing about >Brynns First
    Ballet Recital | Reeses in Thailand <Liked it!

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