Suki Santa


Suki Santa is now a holiday tradition for our team.  The Fikes’ landlord offered to cook food (for those who haven’t had the privilege, suki is an awesome Thai soup) for another Christmas celebration this year. She is a great cook! We accepted her offer and started inviting our neighbors and friends. This year we wanted to do something besides just eat together, so the idea of doing a play about Jesus’ birth came up. We invited the kids in each of our team members’ neighborhoods to be a part of the play as well.  The kids were really excited to be in the play and asked repeatedly when play practice and show time would be. Altogether there were fifteen kids that performed. Each of them took home the story to read before play practice, and when they came for the play practice they were excited to pick their parts. After the practice was over we asked some of the children if they had ever heard the story before and none of them ever had. So the day of the party we prepared tables and chairs and fixed the stage. That evening friends of each of our families gathered around suki pots and kids ran around and played.  It was a great time!

The highlight of the evening was definitely the play.  Before the play started Chris gathered everyone’s attention and explained what we were going to do.  He told everyone how the true meaning of Christmas is the birth of Christ and that Jesus was a gift to humanity from God.  The kids acted out the story of our Lord’s birth, and we even had a real baby Jesus, complete with a Santa hat.  Instead of sheep and cows that you usually see in the stable there was a rabbit instead.  It was precious to see these sweet children act out the real story of Christmas, God coming into the world in human form.  After the play Ryan shared how thankful we were that each of them came and that we had a special gift for each family.  We then handed each family a New Testament Bible in Thai. Overall it was a wonderful evening celebrating with our friends, and we ask that you pray for our neighbors and for opportunities to be part of their lives more and more. Please enjoy the video of the play below.


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  1. I love this video of Thai and furlong children acting out the story of Christmas together! You guys have done such a great job of creatively and flexibly sharing the gospel in joyful and non-threatening ways. I pray that this year you begin to see the first fruits of your effort to share Christ with these people. Love you!


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