Pizza Restaurant


We continue to take steps forward in opening the pizza restaurant.  One of the biggest difficulties has been finding a good location.  We finally found a place and signed the lease the week before Christmas.  It’s a small shop in the city, and it’s close to the lake in a somewhat “touristy” district.  A lot of prayer has gone into this decision, and we are so thankful for the ways God has made this available to us.  Two days after signing the lease, we met at the building to talk about the future of the pizza restaurant and pray together.  We shared scriptures and prayed for God to continue to guide us.

And this week Ning officially registered the restaurant as a business and opened a bank account in its name. So, things are starting to move forward. In the midst of these developments, we have been doing some market research and learning more about the consumer habits of the people of Phayao. We get excited and nervous every time we think about it but feel peace and confidence in where God is leading us.

Another part of this process is perfecting our pizza recipe. Every Thursday we have been getting together to make pizza and taste-test each bite.  It is a fun and delicious way to spend our evening.  Several of our friends and neighbors have been a part of this time so that we can get their thoughts and opinions of the pizza.  It’s been a great way to continue to build relationships with people here in Phayao and fun to get our new friends involved in what we are doing.  It is mainly Chris and Ryan making the pizzas, and they really are delicious!


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  1. I had a flash back to when Ryan and Chris were making Tom Kha Gai at a Thai Retreat in Boerne about 5 years ago (Ann and I were both pregnant). Anyway, I remeber all the disagreements on to how much fish sauce, etc…..It ended up tasting good, but there was quite the drama. Wondering how the 2 cooks were getting along now…..Any names yet? Phayao Pizza Palor/place? Corny, but catchy.

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