Meg Turns 3


Watch out everyone, there’s another 3-year-old in the house! Meg Hayden turned three on Jan 7th, and we had a fun Hello Kitty party last week. Greg and Cynthia Powell brought from the States streamers, plates, napkins, a tablecloth and gifts from family to make Meg’s party extra special. Meg wanted green icing (her favorite color these days) and a Hello Kitty on her cake. Cynthia did a great job making the cake and letting Meg “help” her along the way (which Meg LOVED!). We played “Find that Kitty” in the trees around our neighbors’ yard, and we had a “Cat Walk” game where everyone got prizes. Meg opened presents and got everything from a light-up wand to toy cars to a Minnie Mouse purse—she loves all of those things, so she was one happy camper!

I noticed that celebrating her birthday for the second time around in Thailand was much more peaceful for me. Last year I spent a lot of time on both of the girls’ birthdays, missing family and wishing cousins and grandparents could be there. This year, of course, that sentiment was still there, but it didn’t overtake me like it did last year. This year we had neighborhood friends come, and I knew more of what to prepare for the party, what it would be like, etc. We had a great time celebrating little Meg, and she loved every sugary minute of it. Seriously, I saw her with a cupcake, Pocky (a favorite snack), a lollipop, and a Sprite—she took full advantage of the special occasion to get whatever she wanted!

We celebrated her party a few days before her actual birthday, so on her real birthday she got to ride elephants! This was her second time, and she loved riding “the big Daddy elephant” and the elephant show in Chiang Mai.

Meg is full of energy and keeps us laughing daily with her funny facial expressions and ways of saying things. She loves to wear shorts (no pink skirts like sister!) and usually a shirt that doesn’t match (which drives me crazy—but I’m trying to let that go J). She loves to sing, be tickled, swing, anything green, and has an opinion about almost everything. She is still the center of attention everywhere she goes with her blond hair and big blue eyes—and she takes it all in stride. She is so loving and sweet. She and Brynn love sharing life together as sisters. They have a blast together, and we sure love having two little girls—and a VERY Hello Kitty house!



  1. Meg, your pawpaw loves you.

  2. I love that little pixie face! I can’t believe she’s already three–that means Lella’s almost two and there aren’t any babies left in our houses. I’m so glad the party went well! Love you all!


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