Holiday Visitors


We’ve been blessed by some special visitors over the last few months. First to come, around Thanksgiving, were Ben and Kelly Edmiston, Haley’s brother and sister-in-law. Along with great goodies, they brought a lot of energy and fun that made the holiday season brighter. They kept all of our kids one night so all of us could have a date night—everything from dinner for the kids to a fantastic scavenger hunt for them. They also got to be at our house to put up and decorate our Christmas tree. They are an amazing couple and were such a blessing to our team with their love, encouragement, and energy.  Our girls LOVED having Ben and Kelly read to them and play silly games with them. They are still asking when we can go to Ben and Kelly’s house in Texas!

Next, Greg and Cynthia Powell, from Highland Church of Christ in Abilene (our supporting church), got to come spend some time with us. Greg and Cynthia serve on the Missions Committee and have blessed us through their friendship from the very beginning of our partnership with Highland.  We got to show them around Phayao, took them to Chiang Rai for pizza and the annual flower festival, saw several different Buddhist temples, and rode elephants in Chiang Mai, just to name a few of the fun things we got to do together.  They helped set up, serve, bake, and clean up for Meg’s birthday party.  They watched our girls while we got things done, prayed with us, encouraged and affirmed us, and were a blessing to have in our home. Brynn and Meg also LOVED having the Powells here. From the time they woke up until the time they went to bed, the girls loved having the attention showered on them through reading books, learning new songs, having extra hands to push them on the swings, playing with play-doh…and so much more! Thank you Greg and Cynthia for coming to visit us and for blessing our family in such wonderful ways.  It continues to be such a blessing to be part of a church that is so supportive of us and our work here.

And most recently, Ryan’s parents, Beth and Clay Binkley have come for a visit. Obviously they are here to see their grandson, but they came bearing gifts and love for all of our children as well! Beth taught the kids’ Bible Class at church last Sunday, and the kids LOVED every minute of it. She even helped them act out the story of Naaman, with Corban (“Naaman”) really dunking in the Jordan River (a tub full of water in the front yard).  The kids enjoyed their time with Beth and Clay very much, and it is always a joy watching our children be loved on by so many.

As you can see, our girls LOVE having visitors come, and so do we. God has a way of using so many that have connections to our team to be great gifts of His love and support in their visits here.

Here are some more pictures from our time showing the Powells around.



  1. So I just sat and read 8 consecutive posts at one time & my heart is so full! I just love reading about all that you are doing and getting a glimpse into your lives there. And, of course, I love reading about those precious, precious girls. Y’all are reaching out to people in so many creative ways, and God is honoring your efforts to follow Him into new things. It is truly beautiful. I love y’all and think about you so often! I thank God for blessing your own lives with joy & peace as well as using you to bless those around you.

  2. ann and derran,
    what an incredible experience y’all are having. i couldn’t help but notice the picture in front of the white temple…it was one of the most interesting structures we came upon in our travels to say the least. the people of SE asia are some of the most wonderful souls we’ve ever had the chance to interact with. i know what you’re doing there is a blessing to everyone you come across. please let me know if there is anything amy and i can do to support your mission. blessings! heath

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