Brynn the Performer


Brynn is four and a half and seems to have changed overnight. The fits of her three-year-old days have passed, and she has grown up a lot over the last few months. She loved being in Texas with friends, cousins, and Chick-Fil-A. She was an excellent traveler and carried her little backpack the entire trip like a little pro. She didn’t complain a bit over the long flight (probably because we each had our own TVs–and when else are her parents going to let her watch movies for almost 24 hours? J).  It was hard on her to be back in Phayao for the first few weeks. She cried about going to school again and shared frustration about not knowing the language. However, the last several weeks she is back in full swing and loving school. In fact, I asked her the other day what she liked most about living in Thailand and the first thing she said was school, followed quickly by the swimming pool!

Brynn in her P.E. day uniform (a little Sue Sylvester, don’t you think Glee fans?)

She had an end of the year/Happy New Year show at school a couple of weeks ago, and she got to perform in two song/dance numbers. She got to wear a bright pink dress and have a flower in her hair—which I think was her favorite part of the whole experience! She was absolutely precious up there on stage singing her little heart out in a new language and dancing to her heart’s content.

The emcee came up and asked her a few questions in Thai and she answered all of them IN THAI. We were so proud of her! I didn’t know how she would respond in front of all of those people and talking into a microphone, but she handled it so well and it made me so thankful for how God has been faithful to her in helping her learn Thai and developing her confidence in speaking it.

This video doesn’t exist

She is full of joy, loves to have fun, and loves people. She has a beautiful little heart. The other day we were out around town and a man came up and helped me with Meg’s stroller as I was trying to go up some stairs. Brynn said, “That was a nice man, he was a good neighbor to us. He shared peace with us.” I asked her where she learned the “sharing peace” line because I’ve never said that to her. She said “I just thought it”, and I had to smile at seeing how she is learning to view people around her. I told her that Mommy would have to remember that and that it was a beautiful way of describing when others help us. This little girl is teaching me a lot these days!



  1. I love you, Brynn.

  2. I’m dying at that girl’s moves. I LOVE seeing her little costume and watching her dance! So precious!

  3. So cute! I LOVE the dance number and her pink dress! Where’s the ‘interview’ clip? 🙂

  4. Brynn,
    We are so proud of how grown-up you are and how sweet your spirit is. You are such a big helper to your Mommy and sister. You are a great example and a LIGHT to all around you.

    We love you!
    Donna, Jody, Tyler and Parker

  5. That is the cutest thing ever, such a good mover too.

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