Summer Fun


My mom, or Grammie, got here late Friday night. The girls were so excited when they woke up Saturday morning to find Grammie in Thailand. She brought a suitcase of goodies for the girls, not to mention a few DPs for me. We spent some time in Chiang Mai before heading back to Phayao. It has been fun showing her our lives here. She has already been to church, helped teach the kids’ class, gone to Brynn’s ballet class, gone to Haley’s yoga class and eaten lots of spicy food. Brynn and Meg love having here around (and so do Ann and I).

After church this morning we realized it was the 4th of July and that we didn’t have any plans. We decided to throw together a cookout at the Fikes. We bought all the hot dogs and buns in Phayao (literally). Chris rounded up some fireworks. And Ning brought the meatballs on a stick (luukchin)–everything you need for a 4th of July party. We had a great time cooking out, playing washers, and lighting fireworks.

Corban manned the grill.

It’s not easy throwing washers with a two-year old in one arm. But, don’t worry, we still won.

I had to include this picture. Meg recently took her first ride in the Fikes’ Vespa. She and Teagan had a blast cruising around town. Tonya said they talked the entire time.

On a completely different note, you can read our report on status in society below. Chris did the interviews on this topic. We collectively analyzed the data, and then he wrote up the report. The main focus of this topic was to see how significant status is in Phayao culture and how people perceive those with and without status. We have read a lot about face and honor in Thai culture, but we wanted to come at from the perspective of status and hierarchy. We learned a lot about how people view status and how power is manifested in this social phenomenon.




  1. Yay! I am so glad that she is there safely & that she got to participate in the 4th fun! Don’t keep her too long! Just kidding~ We love you and can’t wait to see more pictures!

  2. Derran and Ann:

    I love reading the results of your research. My only regret in our short visit in Chiang Rai was that I didn’t get to ask about these important insights. Jack and I think that you are amazing and we pray for you often.

    Glad to hear Leslie is there safely and that you all are having such a great time. You are deeply loved and respected worldwide.

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