After we worked through our data on family life, we decided to pursue four themes that emerged as highly significant, both to life in Phayao and to our interests. We each took one of those topics and interviewed various people around town. After individually “coding” our interviews, we collectively analyzed and synthesized what we found. Finally, each of us wrote up a short report on our respective topics.

My area of concern was the social phenomenon of reciprocity in Phayao life. If you have spent any time in Thailand, you will know that reciprocity is a prominent feature in social interactions. Our experience already told us that reciprocity was important, thus our intention was not to find out if it was present. Our goal was to discover nuances of language and behavior that would help us better understand this idea. If you are interested, please click on the link below and read this short report. In my next post, I will talk about why these findings are significant for our lives and ministry here in Phayao.

Click here: Reciprocity



  1. I found your reciprocity report a very helpful reminder of how life works there. I had not thought about some of those Thai words and phrases in a long time. The way you expressed them in your report was a great primer for getting me more in the “Thai mode” of thinking as I prepare to leave for Thailand tomorrow. I can hardly wait to see all the women!!

  2. […] more insights from our research about the concepts of reciprocity and grace in Thai culture, click on these links to the Reese’s […]

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