Pray for Peace


As many of you have seen on the news, Thailand is in the midst of some serious political turmoil. It seemed like a few days ago that things were headed in a good direction. However, the past 4 days have seen a turn for the worse. We are writing to ask you to pray for this situation. There is some hope that negotiations could happen tomorrow, but it is tenuous. Please pray that they will happen so that the violence will stop.

For us personally, we presently feel safe and have not been affected by the events in Bangkok. It seems to be contained there, for now. However, we do know people in Bangkok who are near the situation and people here who have loved ones in Bangkok. So, we ask you to please lift up the innocent people caught up in the violence. And please pray for the leaders of both sides to find a way to compromise and bring peace to this situation. Thank you for your prayers.



  1. PRAYING!!!!!

  2. Keep us posted. You all are always in our hearts and prayers. Still hoping to see you in June.



  3. We are praying !! I am very glad to hear that this has not had any effect where you are and that you are feeling safe. Love you all !! xxoo

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