“No chance of rain today,” he says…..


Famous last words, folks. Well, the end-of-April showers are upon us, but they are more like April storms. We went from around 102 degrees the other day to a storm blowing in and hail falling from the sky….as in bits of ice falling all around us….an hour later it was back to the high 90’s. Unbelievable.

Even more unbelievable is the fact that our ceiling just caved in last night. We had water leaking in starting when the storm hit on Wednesday evening with the hail. We scurried around trying to protect all the furniture and books in the girls’ room and called our landlord to inform him of the leaks. He said he was out of town but would come take care of it next week. On Friday morning, Derran talked to the handyman down the street who usually handles all the maintenance things for our landlord and told him of our concerns about the ceiling in the girls’ room. He just shook his head and said, “Oh, it isn’t going to rain today! Don’t worry!” Well, as you can imagine it started pouring last night! It was around 6:30 so luckily the girls were not in bed yet and were not in their room. Derran was in there throwing towels at all the places that the water was starting to pour in. When all of a sudden I hear a HUGE crash and the entire 6 ft. by 5 ft. sheet rock plank crumbled under the pressure of the gathering rain water and splintered into a million pieces all over the room. Rain was pouring in through the hole in the roof, and it was like a scene from a movie. Now, here is the difference between me and Derran in a moment of crisis. I just stand there looking around with my hands on my head saying “Uh, what do we do?” and Derran is already hauling furniture and toys out into the hallway. Right, I say, yes, get the furniture out, good call. I could really use some training in crisis management. I can tell you some hilarious stories of other crisis times that I completely choked if you really want to hear them. Like the time at Little Panda when I witnessed a girl having a seizure. I went over to see if I could do anything, but when I saw that she was gagging and quite possibly going to throw up, I quickly moved over so the guy behind me could take care of her (he did an amazing job caring for her while waiting for the ambulance to get there by the way). Where was I, you might ask? Oh, I was hovering by the soda machine slurping down cold water, my neck was all blotchy from the excitement, and I was gagging quietly in the corner holding Brynn. I’m not your girl in times of crisis, I’m just warning you. Back to the story….

So the floor is covered in dirt, plaster, water, and all the gatherings of the attic over the last fifteen years. It was so overwhelming. I called Chris and Ryan and they were at our house within minutes. Brynn called out, “Ryan and Chris to the rescue!” as they came in with buckets, a mop, extra towels, etc. Once they got there the guys went to work, and really within about an hour and a half had all the furniture out of the room, the water and dirt cleaned up, and things were manageable. What would we do without good friends? So, the hole is still in the ceiling. It will stay that way until the landlord gets back into town on Monday and takes a look at it. Let me tell you, this is a definite lesson in patience as we learn how things work here. Apparently a hole in the ceiling the size of a Mini-Cooper is not a problem that needs to be solved quickly. So, we wait. And we learn patience. And in the grand scheme of things, we laugh and think at least it wasn’t on all of Derran’s books or on one of our beds or on one of us…there are some great pros in this story. The girls have made a nice little playhouse out of their bedframes that are now crammed in the guest room. They are loving it! They love sharing the guest room bed, and we like hearing them giggle as they go to sleep. I’m just praying that no creepy crawling lizards decide to descend into our house through the wide open door that is now available to them. The roof is still intact so we can’t see the sky or anything, just the attic. The same attic which a couple of months ago I heard a tremendous racket thumping all over the place all night long. I thought it was a dying rat or perhaps a cat…but no, it was two geckos (and geckos here are about 8-14 inches head to tail and on the thick side), one of which had bitten the other one and would not let go…for 12 hours. Our landlord climbed up there the next day and shooed them away. I would have endorsed a different method of getting rid of them, but he chose to shoo them into the far corners of the attic for me to always be reminded of their lurking presence. Oh, goodness.

Well, where was I? Oh yes, the gaping hole in my children’s room. So we will keep you posted when it gets fixed and things are back in order around here. For now, we will stay alert during the next storm and hope that that was the only weak spot in our home sweet home.

I’m sure it’s fine that the electrical appliances are dripping with water.

Barefoot , now that’s dedication.

To the rescue!

I wish you could see how the light is hanging by one cord in this picture,

because it is!

Can you find the girls in the middle of all the beds?

This guy lives across the street from us.



  1. Wow. That is…wow. I’m totally creeped out by the fact that huge lizards could get into your house through a giant hole in the ceiling!! I mean, I’m sure that’s not going to happen…but I’m with you on the concern! You guys are total troopers to deal with that kind of (what’s the word?), adventures!!

  2. I love that a Mini-Cooper is your standard of measurement. I also love that your landlord will get around to this when he can pencil you in. And I do have to say, while two geckos are better than the 50 or so rats we had rushing back and forth every night in that mangy apartment in Thailand ’99, you’re right, I’m not sure I would feel great about geckos creeping their way through the house. I do love those little girls gigglng in bed in the midst of the chaos! Love you guys!

  3. One more event to check off the “I survived this”
    list. I am sure you were not ready or willing for this to happen but you seem to have the right attitude. (other choices being?) Camping out, even in the other room, is always fun!!! Wish I could be there to be a part of it. I too love the Mini-Cooper example and hopefully it WILL get fixed soon. As always you are amazing………
    Love you,

  4. Oh my goodness……I am reading this with my mouth wide open !! the size of a “mini Cooper” hahaha Oh to have your patience and sense of humor !! I could handle the hole in the ceiling but not the geckos, I hate to admit it but I would be sleeping in the car !! hahaha and the girls giggling through the whole thing is so precious. You are all troopers and continue to amaze me. I hope your roof gets fixed soon, I love you all.

  5. Oh Ann, I just love your story-telling abilities. Hilarious! I know all of this wasnt’ funny at the time but I’m glad you can find the humor in it now. You guys are doing such an excellent job of rolling with the punches…I know it’s very difficult. Btw, along with the ceiling, can you please fix the light? That makes me nervous. 🙂 Love you so much!

  6. Just have to say that I’m so proud of you and Derran! You handled this in such a way that I’m sure the girls will have no trauma from this event. In fact, they will remember it as a “fun time” in their lives. Also, you all are a testament to your neighbors and anyone with whom you will be dealing. They will see that you are taking everything in stride in true Thai “May pen rai” fashion (even though you might be churning inwardly). Of course, the real truth is that you know God will bless you through this ordeal. Love you.

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