Update in Pictures


Here are various pictures from the past few weeks. Hope you enjoy!

Some pictures from our time with Ann’s parents.

Enjoying some MK, the best restaurant in the eastern hemisphere.

Ann’s Birthday

Ann and her mom put together a Valentine’s party for the kids where they played games, decorated cupcakes, ate snacks, and then took “prom” pictures, of course.

One of the differences with school here is that the kids brush their teeth at school. The other day, the sink wasn’t working at Brynn’s school, and Ann caught Brynn’s class “improvising.”

This video doesn’t exist

Pics just for fun

And a little “ballet” video for your viewing enjoyment



  1. thanks for the videos and pictures! will & levi watched the dancing video about 4 times, and then they asked to watch the ‘toofbush moovie’. : )

    my favorite part of the ballet movie is meg sticking her sweet little face out at the every end. she’s getting so big!

  2. LOVE all these pics!!! oh thailand! favorites: derran w/ chairs on the back of the motorcycle, prom pics that are perfect blackmail for later in life, and last but certainly not least, the toothbrushing improv. nicely done preschool, nicely done.

    miss y’all!!!!

  3. The pictures are adorable and so great to see the girls in action. Almost like being there. Thank you for sharing. Is the chair thing a regular event? Can’t wait for a ride!!!

  4. The pics and videos are AWESOME! I especially like Brynn’s first position – very beautiful. :o) And that toothbrushing video is hilarious. We miss you guys SO MUCH! Thanks for keeping us all posted on your life in Phayao!

  5. Thoroughly enjoyed every bit of this post. I was laughing out loud at the two ballerinas! That was just classic right there. Man, Brynn brushes her teeth more than anyone I know. Love it!

    I sure miss those two girls. Why is Meg getting SO big?? I love you all so so much and miss you tons. Praying for you always and love you so much! Thanks for taking time to update and post some video. Love you!

  6. Oh, that video just made me night! That is so cute! Thank you for posting it!

  7. awwwww I cannot stop watching the ballerina video (the toothbrush one not so much…hahahaha)….so precious, how in the world did they get so big? Meg with that little head poking out at the end was definetly an “awww” moment for me !! They are so beautiful. I hope all is well with all of you, I love you all very much !! Love all of the pictures.

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