Before moving to Phayao, I felt like we had a fairly realistic view of what would be involved in this transition. There would be culture shock, language frustrations, and Ann and I would have days of really missing family and friends. And those things have happened, However, one thing we were not prepared for was how homesick Brynn might feel. I assumed a 3-year old wouldn’t have those feelings. Well, we have seen lately that 3-year olds are not immune to homesickness. Thus, we thought we might share a few of Brynn’s recent comments about missing Texas. And note that though her statements feel like punches in the gut to some degree, she manages to show off her fun personality by adding humor to her homesickness. Here are 4 of her most recent comments:

1. A few days ago we skyped with Brynn’s cousins Mason and Lauren. Afterward, we noticed that she was moping around. She continued this for awhile, so Ann picked her up and held her for a bit. Ann asked, “Are you sad because you miss your cousins?”

Brynn: “No.”

Ann: “Are you happy?”

Brynn: “Yes. As long as we get to go back to Texas in a few days.”

2. Ann picked Brynn up from school one day, and they stopped at a red light behind a police officer. Brynn, out of nowhere, blurted out, “Hey mommy, that police officer is going to say (cupping her hands around her mouth), ‘Yall go back to Abilene.'”

Ann: “Who is he going to say that to?”

Brynn: “I think us.”

3. My mom sent us a Christmas package a few weeks ago and included the book Twelve Days of Christmas in Texas. Brynn pulled the book out of the package and asked, “What does this say?”

Ann: “It says, The Twelve Days of Christmas in Texas.”

Brynn: “No, I think it says I Want to Go Back to Texas and Play with My Friends.”

4. Tonight, as Ann, the girls, and her parents were driving home, Brynn starting talking about Champoo, her best friend at school. (We just found out that next week Champoo will go stay with her mother in a different city for a month.) Ann said, “Champoo is going to see her mommy in a few days and spend a few weeks with her. Isn’t that great. I bet she is excited.”

Brynn: “I am excited, too. I am going back to America in a few days.”

So, all you friends of Brynn out there, know that you are missed by a little girl in Phayao.



  1. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry!!! The police thing is hysterical!
    Love on that sweet girl for us!
    There are a lot of people here praying for you- hang in there!
    Love you~

  2. Oh, I love that sweet Brynn and her funny comments! We miss y’all too and think about you often.

  3. Sweet sweet Brynn. I’m with Kedra- not sure whether to laugh or cry! You guys are doing an amazing job. We miss you terribly and love you lots.

  4. ohhh what a sweetheart she is, it is amazing what goes through their little minds. It is heartbreaking but thinking about the police sending you back to Texas is hysterical !! I can only imagine how homesick you all are and how hard things have been. You guys are doing such an amazing job and accomplishing so very much and that has to make you feel so good inside. I am very proud of all of you. Love you all very much, big hugs and kisses to Brynn and Meg.

  5. Man, that will break your heart. I wish you guys lived closer to us because I feel like we’re living the same life in two different (although SE Asian) countries. Caleb asks frequently when we’re going back to Texas or he’ll ask if we’re taking all of our stuff here back with us. Just the other day he asked me when his cousin, Ava, was going to move to another country. And he thinks we go to Texas when we die.

    The things they say! Praying for you guys and little Brynn today. Love you guys.

  6. I love that picture of baby Derran in a school uniform. Are you sure those are your daughters? I love how both of those girls look just like their dad!

    You know that breaks my heart. We love and miss you guys! Simone talks to Brynn on the phone every day, but since it’s a fake phone and Brynn’s always asleep (Simone “calls” to wake her up), it’s not the same. We’re praying for you guys!


  7. What a poignant reminder that children sacrifice for kingdom work, too! May God bless your children abundantly!

  8. Ouch! Thank goodness for Internet access and Skype. Can you imagine taking your family abroad as missionaries 50 years ago!

  9. That little face is so beautiful and wise beyond her years! Her words definitely tug on the heart strings in a major way…..and I’m sure it’s hard for you guys to be strong all the time as well. Much love and prayers sent to you from TN!

  10. Ohmygosh I love her. Such sweet, precious, funny, yet heartbreaking stories! I did laugh though on each one. She’s gonna be just fine. She has such a good Mom and Dad taking such great care of her! I miss you so much Ann. We have lots to catch up on! Skype soon?

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