Happy Birthday Little Meg!


Our Meg Hayden turned two on January 7th, and I wanted to share some pictures of her party. We were down in Hua Hin, which is a city south of Bangkok right on the beach. Our team got to do our first annual Team Retreat there at a vacation home with our own pool! So we had a Puppy Party/Swimming party for Meg. Last year in Abilene we had a Snowflakes and Cupcakes theme, and this January we celebrated in 90 degree weather by the pool. Pretty drastic change I must say! Meg loves puppy dogs.  She sleeps with two stuffed puppies that are bigger than she is and loves to say “No, no, pup—py” when she hears the dogs across the street barking (which happens a LOT!).

Here she is in her bathing suit opening presents and eating the cake Haley made for her. We had a great time and she loved being the center of attention. Our team kids made the day very special for her, and we just can’t believe our baby is two already!

And here is a short video of singing “Happy Birthday.”

This video doesn’t exist

Some fun facts about Meggles:

She is into everything, but especially into following Brynn, or “B” as she affectionately calls her, everywhere she goes. She adores Brynn and loves going with me to pick her up at school everyday. She has also picked up a few Thai words to add to her ever-growing English/Thai vocabularies. She makes sure to pull them out in the grocery store because she knows what her fans want to see. It is so funny to watch her walk into the store or somewhere as she starts to wai (hands together, prayer style, in front of your face—Thai greeting for hello, goodbye, and thankyou). She does it so dramatically and then throws in a “Jaow”, which is a Northern Thai word and it always makes her audience happy—and she ALWAYS has an audience with her blonde hair and blue eyes. You can also ask her in Thai if she speaks Thai ,and she’ll respond “Dai”, which means “I can!”. Of course, that is one of the only words she knows but it doesn’t matter to the fans—they love it that she can “speak” Thai.

Meg has an adventurous, curious spirit about her and is a girl who knows what she wants and what she doesn’t. She has a smile that melts your heart and brings such joy to everyone she is around, especially to us. She has already changed so much since we got here; she is taller and more talkative, and is so comfortable being here. She takes her shoes off automatically when she goes in a house (customary here). She calls her shoes her “dirties”, because for the first few weeks/months I would always say “Put your shoes down, they’re dirty” or “Don’t play with your shoes, they’re dirty”, thus she says daily “I want dirties” or “My dirties”.  Brynn will even say, “Meg get your dirties on!” when it is time to go.

Meg Hayden Reese, we love you so very much. We are so thankful for you and feel so blessed to be your parents. God bless this next year of your little life as you continue to bless all of those around you with your laughter, sweet smile, and fun personality.

Enjoy the pictures and video! And now, pray for our patience as Brynn asks just about everyday when her birthday is getting here…..oh, it’s going to be a long wait till May!

Next post I’ll share some stories of our trip which involve an eternal train ride, bbq ribs, fun, not-so-fun stomach bug that paid a visit to all the children, and a host of other adventures and things we added to the “we will not do this again” list! Stay tuned!



  1. Meg is adorable and getting so big! I can’t believe Judah will be 2 in April…time flies! Love all of the videos you’ve put up lately and love keeping up with what you guys are up to. 🙂

  2. So precious and so missed. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Thanks for sharing Meg’s birthday with us. She is so precious. We miss not being able to be there for her.
    We love you guys and hope you feel the effects of our ongoing prayers.


    Jack and Nene

  4. Sounds like a great birthday! I love her little puppy ears!! What sweet girls you have. You are really blessed! We love and miss you guys.

  5. PRECIOUS!! Oh how I miss that Meggles! So glad she had a fun birthday and everyone made her day so special. I was so sad not to be a part of it. Eva talks about “B” and Meg everyday and walks around the house filling up gift sacks with her toys for presents for “B” and Meg “far, far away in Thailand.” So sweet! She misses them so much.

    So proud of you guys and thankful for you. You are blessing so many in Phayao. I know it is very difficult in every way but you are doing a great job. I really appreciate Derran’s last post on being kind, really thought provoking, thanks for sharing Derran. Praying for you all every day. Love you so very much!

  6. Happy Birthday Meg!! You guys look great and glad to see that Meg had a good birthday. Hope you are doing well. Miss you all.

  7. Happy Birthday to that sweet girl- I love the party pics! I think about you guys all the time and pray that each day is filled with peace and strength. I cannot wait til I see you next, Ann – love you much.

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