A Glimpse of Phayao


We recently made a video highlighting our lives in Phayao for the Highland Church of Christ Missions Special. It was shown last Sunday, but we wanted everyone to have a chance to watch it if you are interested. It might take a minute to load, but hopefully it will work. Hope you enjoy.

This video doesn’t exist



  1. There’s nothing like a child’s voice!! i choked up as i think of your children and ours on the mission field in another country. We know God will do a good work in their lives!! and in many others!! peace and hugs!!

  2. Crying, crying, crying! That was unbelievable. Great job Ann and Derran. We are so joyful for you and the transition you have made. WOW. That was just so good. Tell Brynn her precious voice was my favorite part. That, and U2. Meet you at the park later!

  3. Wonderful, guys! God is blessing you as well as the many people you will be touching there. Thanks for your commitment to Him.

  4. Excellent video…the music, the town, the pics of the family and team..very moving. I felt like I got a piece of it all. Now can you send me a Thai iced coffee, a plate of yum blah duk fu,and some green mango and chili dipping sauce? Okay, we’ll come soon and get some. Love you guys.

  5. Great video! Thanks for sharing and moving it over here so we could watch it. Miss you guys!

  6. love it, love it, love it! i feel like i just took a journey across the ocean. thanks for the glimpse into your life! sure does make me miss the Kingdom. love you guys!!

  7. Incredible video!! Love the music, love the words, love the scenery, love the harley, and LOVE the voice overs! How can such a great video make me so sad? I sure miss you guys. Praying for you and love you!

  8. Thank you for the great video! So great to hear your voices and be able to picture where you are/what you’re experiencing. Miss you!

  9. Finally watched your video. GREAT job! I got so excited when it came to the part of turning down your street. 🙂 I’m so glad we can picture exactly where you are. Get a coke slurpee for me at 7!

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