A Poem



The world is too big,
So for a bit, a fraction,
A tiny slice I ask.
The whole? No way, I do not dare.

Where can I go,
Hands outstretched with aid?
Nothing grand to give,
Mustard seeds, at most, I may wield.

“We come in peace,”
Or should I say,
“The peace we know,
yes, that One, is the peace we give.”

But now we are here,
No dove in sight.
“We extend to you,
Well, please give us some time.”

The circumstances call
For questions to be posed,
There is the obvious “why”
Surely followed by the “how long.”

But I hesitate,
without the strength to petition,
for I am quite certain,
no excuse nor retort shall suffice.

So, without asking for much
Can I have just a crumb?
Though it seems to me,
I should just ask for the world.


One comment

  1. God bless you, Kevin! Stay on fire for God, just never forget His grace.A thhguot just crossed my mind, so I will share it. It may, or may not apply to your life, but you may be able to use it. You can never make God proud of you He already is. Never try to earn His approval He already does. A true child of the Father should never feel burdened by the pressure to please Him, for when He looks at you, He sees one who is justified. Give your all to the call, but don’t crucify yourself when you sometimes fail He was crucified for you. Live free in the grace that was purchased with His blood, for you are more than a conqueror in Jesus Christ.

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